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Mohamed Bourouissa, a young French video artist of Arab origin, is one of the recently emerging artists of France. His video works focus on intergroup relations. He shows, in groups, the situation in the present-day societies dominated by materiality. How has the money, a material, started to be seen as the only value in our daily life; how has it covered everywhere as a value keeping the secret of success? 

In a life in which the people are forced to do anything for money, the life is being lived secretly on the streets and in the houses. In the informal economies, gambling, black market cover the daily lives in the expectation of a new other life. Those who are affected most by this, on the other hand, are the social segment in the "dark world", trying sadly to acquire the values that they do not have. In this sense, the money is a vast ocean on the one hand and a repeat on the other hand: As reminded by a song sung by Cici Kızlar from the 1970s, "Money money money, its existence is a trouble, and its lack is an ache". 

Materialism has long been sitting on the center of life. The artist addressing to this matter in his videos leans on a realist art, not a moralist artistic view: He has settled in the world of the renowned novel of the naturalist and realist author Emile Zola: "Money". He focuses on a social structure where the money has become the bourse and the market, and shows this situation in his videos. 

At the end of his book Money, Zola writes: “Why then should money be blamed for all the dirt and crimes it causes? For is love less filthy - love which creates life”.

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