İnternet Şubesi

The video projections of Angela Detanico and Rafael Lain; set out based on the book On the Revolutions by Nicolaus Copernicus (1473-1543) born in Poland, mathematician, astronomer and cartographer, in which he places objects in different locations in the universe and focuses on constant revolution, the distances of planets to the sun and the sounds these indicate. This scientific study belonging to the 15th century is comprised of the planets in the universe finding new locations. As ‘revolution’ means, groups of stars revolving and then finding their places which also indicates perpetual motion in terms of definition seems to give it the real meaning to this concept.

Copernicus determined the definition of the solar system and that the sun is at the center of the planets and that they move on fixed orbits. He is the discoverer of the Solar System that is known as Heliocentric: his book called ‘Heliocentricity’ was published after his death. This book presented the scientific concept that the sun is at the center and not the earth. It also presented the reality that the earth does not revolve around its own center but that it revolves around the sun as the center. According to Copernicus, spheres do not have a single center, the earth is affected by gravity and the moon. Every sphere moves heliocentrically. Then there are ethereal planets and earthly planets and the first move in latitudes and longitudes. These are explained by Copernicus.

The video projections of these artists transform the mechanical operation belonging to the law of the universe into a machine. Thus, they feed time and location in a different way. The 365 repetition of the writing comprised on the letters “S,O,L” indicates the word Sol that means sun in Latin. This shows heliocentricity. Of course “T,I,M,E” is comprised of letters that belong to time.

This exhibition is reminiscent of a dynamism made of letters and calls out to the scientific discovery revealed by heliocentricity. Therefore people are just as existent in space as they are in the world.

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