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In And Out

The exhibit is comprised of ‘uncanny’ videos by Sibel Kocakaya and Fitore Isufi/KOJA. The similarities of these two works are based on the way they look at the tension between appearing and disappearing.  Both of these artists take a look at the relationship between home interior with public areas, through their own privacy.  Looking the indoors, seems to be inert is in actually living.  In every moment there is a change happening with the movement exist. Because of this, in both these artists creations, the place lives and moves within itself.  Every little movement expresses itself.  External sounds and the howling factors have been carrying the noise within since the modern times of the 20th century.  Instead of adding sense as a sound, every noise that comes from outside ambiguates the meaning.  Both artists -whether indoors- look at it all with a similar view.  While Sibel Kocakaya is making herself visible with the title ‘Room,Voice’; Fitore Isufi / KOJA mimics the ‘No Comment’ bits of the News-Tv channel.

Another common point is that they disappear while existing.  The girl figure in the room along with the married woman figure suddenly turn into emptiness. As the emptiness makes itself a colorless layer of meaning, the being will continue to exist cleared of all its molecules. The motion inside the immobility reveals a case of “In and Out”.                                                                                                                                           

Perhaps, are they expressing the duration of life?

Ali Akay

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