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A Journey to Being of Perception

Kıvılcım Harika Seydim’s video works are focusing on the "being of perception". Ever since her first videos, she bases her regard, which wants to think about perception and regards body as a part of perception, on the body as an being. When the artist's regard the image research between "me and the world", begun to be established between the image-maker and its beholder, Seydim’s view would like to start a silent contact with the objects to starts a relationship which means a silent touch. This relations established in a silent language exposes the world (park), the climate (snow), parts of the body (eyelids and eyes) and journeys (sailboats) to the audience. While establishing the relationship partially, it also reproduces the "being of perception" and the "objects of perception". 

Assuming that the relationship established with the being starts with eye contact, or suggesting that this is true at least for the video, we have to talk about pre-reflection contacts. This is the relationship set by the "first glance". This relationship emerges in the play between the visible and the invisible. The entities of perception emerge in the shifts between perceptibility and imperceptibility. 

This world is the world we either can or cannot see, but we are hesitant to -or not to- notice. It shall arise in a perception left in the dark; it shall reveal itself until it is illuminated in the perception of the entity of perception. The videos are about the establishment and relocation of this relationship.

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