Internet Banking

Vision Mission Values

Becoming ‘leader bank in financing the small enterprises’ among Turkey’s top ten private banks in terms of asset size.

With the Community Banking understanding from village to city, we are a modern bank that
• Considers the local features and needs,
• Introduces the banking services to those who do not have any bank,
• Grows by creating value together with its satisfied customers, employees and partners, and
• Takes its strength from its deep rooted past.


Open Communication 
We respect different perspectives. We are open to any suggestions from our colleagues and customers. Striving to create added value for our Bank and our colleagues, we share all kinds of ideas and knowledge across the organization in a timely manner by keeping all communication channels open.

Continuous Development 
We aspire and strive to acquire new thoughts, knowledge, and skills with an interrogative viewpoint; we are willing to work together and assume responsibility for continuous development of ourselves and others.

Customer Orientation and Acting Locally 
We take heed of meeting the expectations and needs of all our customers and ensuring the customer satisfaction by presenting the products and services rapidly and graciously, considering the local features as well. 

Result Orientation 
We focus on achieving desired results/goals, proactively solving emerging problems without delay, closely monitoring our operations, and fulfilling our duties in a manner to increase profitability and efficiency.

Corporate Loyalty 
We believe in the value of contributing to the performance of our corporation and being loyal to our corporation by working in a respectful, fair, self-sacrificing, sharing, participative manner and with solidarity within our own team and with our other colleagues.