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Waving The Piano Keys

Sibel Kocakaya’s video works, photographs and pictures emerge in her ideational relationship with the objects which are frequently around her, which she encounters with. A broom, a pipe, a stick or a piece of wood, which she happens to find, settles into her videos. 

This time, an idea comes to her with another object she has encountered with in a marketplace in Lyon, France: clothes hangers. She goes at composing by using these black and white hangers. When a plastic idea is out in the open air silently, the wind blows on the keys there, just like a breeze blowing just above the sea. 

Here, black and white hangers, resembling piano keys, are waving the air, and moving it like a scene from a silent movie. Like scene from the “Shoot the Piano Player” of François Truffaut, the famous movie maker of the New Age cinema, starring Charles Aznavour, these images reminding the bar scenes of a murder movie full of humour are transformed into a silent relation between the marketplace and open air here; and the keys are waving. 
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