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Minor Perceptions

Kerem Ozan Bayraktar shows a silent movement in his videos. In the slight motions stimulating minor perceptions, which we call imperceptible motions, sometimes the space discharges itself; the action processes itself on a white and empty space; and sometimes the speed makes itself felt with a slowness oscillating between moving and not moving, with minor motions through which the sounds drag us to perception. The velocity and slowness relations of the images reveal the ‘minor perceptions’. 

The video works that want to feature a spectator who hears the action before motion itself in a sense are making us perceive a motion smaller than small in a sense. In the works called ‘Bladeless fan’ and ‘A Music Video For a Requiem’, the space stands out; while the action shows itself silently. The perceptions appear as ‘minor perceptions’. In the ‘An Opening Ceremony For a Public Statue’ and ‘Composition of Relations’, the harmony and motion are interacting with each other, engaged in a power relationship; they are in a relation of ‘capturing’ with each other.

Ali Akay

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