İnternet Şubesi
Visit Surprise


This video at Açıkekran Bettine Hutschek is giving a performance at Andre Malraux Museum of Modern Arts, "Lumières du Nord, Lumières du Sud” exhibiton on abstracts paintings of Russian artist Nicolas de Stael (1914-1955), who was influenced by French and Dutch artists. The performance titled ‘Visit Surprise’ Bettina Hutschek who claims to work for the Paranormal Institute (ISS) in Le Havre, concerns the practice of art that the artist builds between science and fiction.
During the performance, German artist Bettina Hutschek interprets the De Stael’s painting for the audience in a guided tour at the exhibition. She calls the horizon line in the painting “everything and nothing” and says that De Steal’s painting opens “perceptions beyond senses”. According to this it is claimed that the colors and forms on the canvas are in a state of vibration and a feminine voice can be heard coming from the canvas. The De Steal painting, that the artists presently claims is emitting thousands of vibrations appears to be among the main elements of Hutschek’s performance with the assertion that it immerses nature and people in vibration together. Hutschek calls this a “transforming painting” and associates the painting with excessive sensitivity. When it abstractly combines the sea, land and sky, the scene on the canvas also combines the vibrations of objects with space and dimension: Hutschek interprets this as an ‘astral projection.
In this performance De Stael is presented as an artist that can go through a material object and form and improve light; in fact this canvas has energy, light and vibration that can cure the most severe diseases. Within this spectacle between the image and the audience this relationship has a curing quality.
According to the narrative of Bettina Hutschek Nicolas de Stael integrated himself with air at the end of his life and became a legend free of substance. To be more accurate he was a disappeared artist. His grave is at the Montrouge Cemetery in France.
As Réné Char quotes, “We have only one means dealing with death: to create art before it arrives”.

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