İnternet Şubesi

In Untitled (How are you?) Architectural Colors (2006), Seza Paker presents an installation that is of digital photographs displayed by dual projection along with a voice-over saying the names and places of these images. These images are of museums, galleries and art places –both inside and outside spaces- around the world. They are selected from the images of zapping world, and are addressed in reference to mondial economy and to transversal globalization of arts. Dual photograph series, functioning like pas de deux in ballet, also form series in themselves, and these series can change place machinicly. Even though the relation in between these photographs is determined by the artist, interpretations of the audience offer emplacements in different series. Despite the limitations of the colour palette, through interpretation differences, mind finds a chance not only to follow the series that the artist makes, but also to follow and set other series. As is in Paker’s photograph titled Three Houses Three Cars, which is installed on two opposing walls in quintet series, each photograph differs from one another by the colour differences of the drawings below them. Each drawing, with the rhythm of the photograph above, unites forms in ten different colours. Photographs, which are printed on fabrics and are sewed to each other by ribbons, create series that run mathematically. Paker proposes a post conceptual approach by juxtaposing the conceptual and the sensual. While the conceptual artists do not have any narrative, Seza Paker presents us conceptual narratives. She calls out: How are you? Then, starts to tell her conceptual narratives: Sunset, Lea in the Pool, Sarkis Installation, Passage de Retz Gallery, Daniel Buren, Marian Goodman Gallery, Paris

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