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Contemporary Istanbul 2013

In her video Exercise she shot in the year 2003, Seza Paker starts this work with War Anthem from the Japanese rap group Zeebra, and turns back to look at Kurt Schwitters's Ursonate composed as inspired by Alfred Jarry's play "Ubu Roi". Shwitters publishes the entire Ursonate in the 24th edition of Merz. In 1933, Jack'ox finds a 40-minute record by Schwitters himself from the 1930s. The visuals created for this sonata are limited to Man Ray's photographs taken in the year 1936. In 1964, MaxErnst performs Ursonate. And upon all these art-historical data, Seza Paker makes the young actress Tiara reread the antiwar track of the Japanese Rap group, from a young girl's lips, in half Japanese half English, making meaningful and meaningless sounds. In this performance, Seza Paker refers to the sounds and cries of war also by adding the performers improvisation of a French rap" huka - hu -ka , bazooka" to the lyrics. In her work Exercise, Seza Paker uses the image and sound intermittently, just like the movie producer Jean-Luc Godard who overlaps the sound and image. The sounds used by Seza Paker are "superposed". They are put into an "indiscernibility" relation. 

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