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About Şekerbank

Şekerbank was established in Eskişehir on October 12, 1953 under the name of “Pancar Kooperatifleri Bankası A.Ş.” to support local development, sustainable production and agricultural industry with the savings of hundreds of thousands of beet cooperative member farmers in Anatolia.

The Bank enterreceived the name of Şekerbank when it moved to Ankara in the year 1956. Headquarters of Şekerbank, the shares of which was offered to public in 1997 partially, moved to Istanbul in the year 2004. Operating in the fields of enterprise banking, agricultural banking, commercial/SME banking, corporate banking and retail banking, Şekerbank is regarded as the "key bank of Turkey" by the international financial institutions to reach its broad-based local customer profile thanks to its expertise in the abovementioned fields, energy efficiency investments, and the supports it offers to entrepreneurs.

Şekerbank, which understands the farmers, craftsmen and enterprises the best and offers solutions special to them through its branches 72 percent of which are located in Anatolia, distinguishes itself from the competition thanks to its accumulation of knowledge in local banking and widespread network of branches.

Şekerbank has 238 branches, 7 regional directorates across Turkey (1 in Istanbul, 6 in Anatolia) and most of its branches in 67 cities and 90 off-center districts have been serving in the same place, the same locality for almost half a century.

Şeker Yatırım, Şeker Factoring, Şeker Leasing, Şekerbank Kıbrıs Ltd., Şeker Finans, Şeker GYO and Şekerbank International Banking Unit Ltd. are some of the affiliates of Şekerbank, which serves its customers through, 0850 222 78 78 Call Center, ATM, mobile banking and social media accounts in addition to its branches.

Within the scope of the Digital Transformation Program, in which the Bank renewed all processes and technological infrastructure end-to-end, sustainable banking practices, especially the expansion of financial access, have been prioritized and Şekerbank has developed digital applications that are the first in Turkey for the financing of rural areas.

Having defined its mission as 'Community Banking' with the broad-based banking understanding, Şekerbank reaches out the segments that have not met the banking services by applying the first microfinance lending model of Turkey; develops projects to provide each segment with equal access to finance by performing field banking.

Şekerbank, which assigns the large part of its total loan portfolio to farmers, craftsmen, enterprises and corporate firms, creates social platforms in which it includes the real sector, public and NGOs to create value beyond the loans for its customers.

By supporting the energy efficiency investments in a broad-based structure from individuals to enterprises, it has introduced energy saving to more than 120 thousand people through EKOkredi, which was created for the first time in Turkey by Şekerbank in the year 2009. 

Şekerbank that has a Regulation on Environment and Social Awareness, which is a rare occasion in its sector, is involved in the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), one of the leading platforms of the world to combat the climate change. The Bank is also one of the signatories of the United Nations Global Compact (Global Principles Convention).

Being one of the leading banks that measure the environmental and social impacts in the lending processes in Turkey, Şekerbank is engaged in international co-operations in this field.

Şekerbank, which has started the “Family Farming Banking” project, a first in the world, for sustainability of production, so that the farmers do not leave their lands, villages, makes efforts to ensure survival of the local culture while supporting the agriculture and rural development.

The Bank has laid an important financial bridge between the international financial organizations and Turkey's SMEs by issuing the first Covered Bonds (CB) backed by SME credits in the world in the year 2011.

As Turkey's first bank that has received a corporate management grade, Şekerbank continues to play a pioneering role in this field as well.